Yesterday, Keko secondary school had a session on biodiversity education. their teacher, who visited quarry site last week facilitated the learning with the indoor and outdoor activities.
Indoor activities: Teacher introduced biodiversity topic.
1. Students learnt about areas that survival of biodiversity is at risk.
2. Students learnt that quarry site can be rehabilitated.
3. students had a group discussion on how biodiversity can be protected and rehabilitated in the threatening areas ( a case study of TPCC Ltd), and presented their findings.

Outdoor activities: Students learnt about biodiversity surrounding their schools and how to protect them.
After the sessions, students were well equipped and will put their theories into practice at the quarry, and also be ambassadors of the good news to their peers, that although quarrying put the biodiversity lives at risks, they also rehabilitate them. They will disseminate knowledge through morning speech in the school assembly.