The biotope is a mix of dry places with shrubs, very dry places with rocks and boulders and small woods. The following 12 species were observed living, some with juvenile specimens :

Cepaea nemoralis - Brown-lipped Banded Snail
Cernuella neglecta - Neglected Dune snail
Clausilia rugosa (=C. parvula) - Small Door Snail
Eucobresia diaphana - Ear-shaped glass snail
Helicella itala - Heath Snail
Helix pomatia - Roman Snail
Limax Maximus - Tiger slug
Macrogastra rolphii - Rolph's Door Snail
Merdigera obscura - Lesser Bulim
Oxychilus draparnaudi - Draparnaud's Snail
Pupilla muscorum - Moss Chrysalis Snail
Trochulus hispidus - Hairy Snail