Caught this one near the rehabilitation area of the quarry, he is already preserved for the Quarry Museum. Found almost throughout eastern Tanzania.This blunt-headed frog is unmistakable no other East African frog has the combination of rubbery skin and black and red/orange color pattern. Grey below with fine white spots, the throat is dusky grey. The toes and fingers have small discs at their tips.
Habitat and Distribution: Widespread in woodland and other open habitats, frequent in suburban areas but not found in dense forest.

Natural History: The melodic, electronic sounding trilling call of males is a characteristic sound of the night, once rains have been sufficient to fill up temporary pools in which it breeds. The distinctive color patters probably serves to warn potential predators the skin recreation are irritating if they get into a cut or come into contact with mucous membranes. If places in the same bag with rubber frog, other species of from can be killed by its skin secretions.