Habitat: Rainbow lizards can occupy urban, suburban and wild areas that supply enough vegetation for reproduction and insects for food.
Physical Description: The agama lizard is characterized by its whitish underside, buff brown back limbs and tail with a slightly lighter stripe down the middle and six to seven dark patches to the side of this stripe.
Behavior: The agama is mostly a docile lizard except for a cock who defends his territory. There are several identifiable behaviors in this species (head nod, head bob, challenge display, threat display, fighting, and basking). The head nod is when A. agama repeatedly raises and lowers his head, usually seen at the end of movements, possibly to show cock position of individuals. Head bobbing, also known as push-ups, is the raising and lowering of the head and chest. This is done in an alert posture, it also occurs in the reproductive behavior of the cock. Shown to females when in reproductive colors, one to two begins courtship. The challenge display is shown by the cock to intruding males or sub-males showing reproductive color. This is only seen in territory situations. The threat display is the rapid up and down movement of the head with the gular sac fully extended. The whole body raises and lowers.