The project aims at evaluation of local communities involvement in Restoration of quarry sites by assessing their perceptions, knowledge and extent at which they are involved in quarry restoration activities. The project intends to maximize success of the restoration activities by improving relations between scientists and the local community, reducing pitfall in restoration efforts by incoparating traditional knowledge in restoration activities and maximize benefits to local communities from restoration projects in terms of environmental conservation and financial benefits gained. The target communities are those nearby surrounding the TPCPLC quarry sites such Chasimba, Madame, Salalsala na Chama and any deemed closer during project implementation. Finally the informations assed will enable the project to come up with the best techniques on how to impart the intended knowledge in the environmental and financial fields to the community for the benefits of the two parties and the world at large.

Connecting quarry to the Outside Community

19 University Students from School of environmental and engineer ing studies of Ardhi University were with us on 25 June 2022 Where Together learned about biodiversity and the ongonig restoration activities at Wazo Hill Quarry, Planted More than 20 trees and Overall historical background of the restoration project and the Twiga Cement as A whole. Thanks to The Environmental manager Mr . Magoda for the super explanation for Clarity

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Visitation to the Quarry Restoration project area

The aim for the visit today is for observation of species of Flora and fauna nurtured in this area Also to have a discussion about Community participation in Restoration activities

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Assessment of local Communities involvement in Restoration of quarry site

First meeting with our national coordinators at Wazo Hill quarry

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