An induction for familiarization of the Quarry site was conducted in 19/03/2012. The wazo hill Wazo Hill is located at Tegeta area, approximately 25Km from the Dar es Salaam city centre, Tanzania. The quarry is located between latitude 6°34' South and longitudes 39°23' and 39°25' east. The rehabilitation effort to restore the degraded area by mining in site is done by TPCC in collaboration with other stakeholders. It is anticipated that, the rehabilitated area and process will accelerate the succession trajectory , provide aesthetic value, ecosystem services like pollination and nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, habitats for wildlife native and migrant species, control soil erosion ,provide biodiversity conservation education, provide water sources and  prevent untimely Extinction of species. During induction, the mined, un-mined and rehabilitated area were observed and identified. This study with objective of  assessing revegetation as a way of Restoring  biodiversity conservation at the Wazo hill quarry,  will  compare the butterflies density, diversity and abundances in two  sites,   revegetated and unmined  areas .At the end of the project ,is  expected that, The   butterfly  species diversity and abundances  in Quarry will be determined. The findings will provide Baseline information for monitoring the Biodiversity Successes of revegetation as means of restoring the Quarry and biodiversity conservation knowledge will be added.

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