Integrated fish farming is regarded as an alternative for efficient utilization of available resources, waste recycling and energy saving, and for maintaining ecological balance and circulation, the presence of Wazo hill quarry water pits as a result of previous rehabilitation project and already existing ponds are resources with big potential to produce fish and vegetables which can supply the most parts of Dar es Salaam region and contributes to habitat restoration and ecosystem balance.  The project organize different group of people in the community include youth, women, interested fish farmers group to engage in integrated fish farming for tilapia and cat fish with vegetables to develop the individual entrepreneurship skills in integrated fish farming while conserving the environment . The main objectives is to rebuild habitat and to introduce integrated fish farming for environmental conservation in Wazo hill area, demonstrate the feasibility of integrated fish farming in quarry sites and to encourage small scale fish farmers to engage in such farming. Also the project provide an avenue for the local people around Twiga Cement company  (unemployed youths, women,) to support their own living in having access to basic services, and be self-reliant through earning their own income through the sales of fish and vegetables while conserving environment in Wazo hill quarry.

Fingerling stocking

While stocking tilapia in a fish pond we need to consider on the following: 1. The size of your pond/tank/ container 2. single sex tilapia fish For our Farm we have stocked 167 Monosex tilapia, that were purchased from Eden agri hatchery

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Live tilapia fingerling transportation

As we transport fingerling happas to pond we condition the fish to allow them recover from handling stress at harvest time for three days, before transporting we don't have to feed our fish.

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Predator of Fish in ponds are human, Birds, snakes and several other, Learn How we control these!

fish in ponds have a lot of enemies called predators which either injure or kill the fish in the pond. This reduces the amount of fish caught at harvest time as well as the quality of the harvested fish as a result of injuries they sustain from these predators. The farmers have complained that predators are mainly responsible for fish losses to their ponds.

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Pond stabilization and dike embarkment.

As we expect the pond to hold water, with a support from pondliner, smoothening the base and walls of the pond by compacting is a necessary process

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Tilapia Pond Testing and Site Selection

While selecting a site for establishment of a pond we need to consider socioeconomic and environmental factors.

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African Catfish ( Clarias Gariepinus) Pond Modifications

Quarry Ponds, The modifications of Ponds will vary between two fish stocks, for diverse and learning for the communities,

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Preliminary Survey of the Quarry

The Objective to be accomplished were: 1. Selection of fish pond among all water accumulated stations 2. Asses the feasibility of the planned modification and if applicable suggest better modifications for integrated aquaculture 3. Setup of all modification tips and suitability of the selected ponds for training on aquaculture

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A way towards September! Work plan

The project implementation will begin on February 1, 2018 With preliminary survey of the Wazo Hill Quarry Site, and End at September with Concise Project Report!

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Community Based economization of rehabilitated fish ponds at Wazo Hill Quarry

The project involves community based entrepreneurship through integrated fish farming in wazo hill (COBEF). These will be achieved by converting existing rehabilitated quarry pits as fish ponds to be the area where by the community will involve in fish farming and vegetables cultivation by using waste water from fish pond as source of nutrients, this will benefits in term of income generation, ecosystem conservation and create employment to both youth and women. Fish farming is the growing...

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