Biodiversity offsets approaches aims at achieving no net loss and preferably a net gain of biodiversity on the ground with respect to species composition, habitat structure and ecosystem functions. This study aims at measuring how mining activities and the subsequent rehabilitation efforts affects plant species diversity, abundance and soil nutrient re-cycling at different sites of the quarry. This is important for informing the company on whether there is improvement or not. Objectives; to assess at what extent the ongoing quarry rehabilitation efforts is offsetting the lost biodiversity following quarrying activities, to impart knowledge to students and other stakeholders on the concept of biodiversity offsetting and its importance for biodiversity conservation in quarries, to recommend appropriate measures towards effective biodiversity offsetting at Wazo Hill Quarry(WHQ).

In the mining site at WHQ, plant diversity, structure and abundance will be assessed in various parts, during data collection 3 habitat regimes will be considered within the quarry that include rehabilitated, abandoned and undisturbed quarry sites. Within the 3 sites transects will be systematically allocated and within the transects a sampling frame will be thrown following systematic sampling techniques. On same spots where data for plant communities has been recorded, soil samples will be collected for laboratory analysis on the key nutrients which include Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Carbon, soil microbial biomass as well as pH, texture, structure (aggregate distribution and stability) and hydraulic conductivity for providing information on ecosystem services at various sites.

Biodiversity offset information with regard to species composition, habitat structure, ecosystem function, people's use and cultural values associated with biodiversity will be generated. This information will be valuable to both company and society as they will help into reviewing, devising and improving the ongoing quarry rehabilitation efforts at WHQ.

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